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                                                                                   By Astra Cucine

The role of the kitchen goes far beyond cooking and eating. It is a pleasure of taste and communication, it is the feeling of comfort, coziness and harmony.

There is no single solution that would make everyone happy. But, like a good tailor who sews a suit on the individual order, a talented designer and an experienced furniture manufacturer know how to create something special and unique on the basis of certain models. 

ASTRA World:

ASTRA Cucine is located in the north of the Veneto Province. The company has been producing kitchen cabinets since 1976.

50 years is a long enough period to accumulate vast experience in the creation of classic and modern  kitchens, thoroughly master the best craft traditions of furniture art. But the most important thing is always to remain open to new trends of the market, to fantasize, to create something new and unique. Something that will create an atmosphere of harmony, warmth, love and passion. And this way is always endless!

Secrets of success:

 Each ASTRA kitchen is a harmonization of a new space, regardless of the size of the room. Every time it’s a special offer that will make you happy at your most comfortable and cozy kitchen in the world!

 ASTRA Cucine’s four key principles in creating kitchens are:

– everything is provided for comfortable cooking and pleasant pastime at the dinner table;
– dishes, appliances and accessories are ergonomically placed;
– the kitchen looks very elegant;
– each element of furniture is made of high-quality materials using the most reliable technologies.

 2017 trend…

 Industrial chic! This style, born in New York in the 50’s, has been impressing creative and artistic natures for more than half a century. Cozy ergonomic lofts are a kind of workshop where their inhabitants create their own unique image of love and happiness.

The combination of wood and metal, stairs, beams and partitions, inclined ceilings – this is a special mysterious world of true artists and poets!
This is what kitchens of XXL line by ASTRA Cucine are about.

 All novelties are introduced in the company’s showroom, where everybody is welcome to see a whole range of products and learn the secrets of craftsmanship.

Red and white are …

 Contrast, unexpected dissonance, which suddenly arises out of the euphony of a smoothly pouring symphony, and onlyemphasizes its beauty.

                                                                                   Colombini Casa

 What is an Italian House? It’s the warmth of colors and home comfort. Its dishes and cutlery, conveniently located in countless kitchen drawers. Lovely little things and trinkets, placed strictly in their places in the living room. And also – bright geometric solutions of children’s rooms. It’s a big family that fills the House with cheers from the very morning … It’s a stormy, temperamental life in which no one is cramped and bored. And that’s what Colombini Casa furniture is about.

World of Colombini Casa

Colombini Casa was founded by the Colombini family in 1965 in the Republic of San Marino, famous for its amazing natural landscape, riddles of ancient history,  independent, persistent and at the same time life-loving and open spirit and, of course, beautiful architecture. Cozy houses, like nests of swallows, closely clung to the slopes of the mountainous terrain. But in this case no tightness and stiffness, but on the contrary – a sense of space and freedom!

This can be said about the Colombini Casa furniture, which boldly enters a variety of houses – large and small, with high or sloping ceilings and conveniently fit into any space. 

Colombini Casa is fifty years of experience in the furniture industry, 250,000 square meters of production area, 1000 employees. It has more than 6,500 customers around the world for half a century, thanks to it the company’s turnover in 2015 was 170 million euros.

 Secrets of success:

 Colombini Casa is 100% Made in Italy design. And this means that your most cozy and the best House in the world will be designed and furnished with the most modern fashion trends and your personal wishes. It is an  infinite number  of options and the widest range of solutions, only high-quality materials and the most modern technologies. It is comfort and convenience, thoroughly thought out. And besides, it’s the best price/quality ratio. Thanks to these advantages, the House of Colombini has won the markets of the United States, North Africa and the Far East, in addition to European market.

Red and white are …

 The radiant snow-white “ice” of cleanliness and spice and the “flame”  of the hearth.

Martin Dwyer

Application Developer

Rachel Wright

Art Director & Photographer

Andrew Butler

Photographer & Illustrator

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                                                                                                           BKT LOFT

 The world is diverse. It is full of play of light and shadow, sounds, smells, bliss of touches … And at the same time, it is holistic! Our ideas about beautiful, our sense of harmony, born in our heart, always remain with us. Is it any wonder that the designer creates a house project under the impression of a musical symphony? And the new ideas of the couture bring color solutions to the interiors of rooms?

 The world of BKT LOFT:

 The flower fields of Southern California inspire us to see the uniqueness and variety of beautiful manifestations in our world.

Also, the enchanting power of the city of San Diego gives off a feeling of high tempo, fulfillment, together with the comfort of life enjoyed by a modern man.

A cozy, modern house means that every detail, every small thing in its surroundings corresponds to sensations and mood of home owners. We help you to put your dreams and fantasies in elegant, practical and aesthetically pleasing material solutions!

 Secrets of Excellence:

 BKT LOFT is a leading supplier of Italian furniture and doors for home and office. We represent more than 40 Italian and Portuguese companies, such as Сopatlife, Eurolegno, Brummel, Astra, GB group, Pedini, Home Cucine, Colombini Casa, Martini Mobili, Lamborghini casa, Aston martin furniture, Mercedes sofa and many others, and have more than 25 years of experience in Europe and US.

We will be with you from the very moment when you decide to remodel your home or office.
We will carry out works on design, project development, help with a choice of style, collections, we will provide a timely delivery from overseas, mounting and installation at competitive prices. We work in B2B and retail format.
BKT LOFT cooperates with leading designers and architects, with the best manufacturers of furniture and doors. We are ready to offer the solution which is best for you, that is to combine your ideas and preferences with our ability to give them material embodiment.
We do not just offer you furniture, we invite you to dance of passion and love for life in all its beautiful manifestations,
where you can open your heart and realize your desires and dreams.

 Red and white are: 
 Love dialogue of contrasting tones. Infinite images of sensuality and passion, harmony and pleasure.


«Like the work of a great musician, each of our products is a product of passion. They are born as a result of inspiration and become reality. All the elements unite, achieving perfect harmony, fascinating eyes and the heart.» This is how Francesco Straliotto describes his company’s products.

 The World of Brummel Cucine:

 The Brummel Cucine company was established in 1982 and is the brainchild of Francesco Straliotto.


From the very beginning, his goal was to create a dynamic and functional company, the distinctive elements of which will always be innovations and constant search for exclusive eclectic solutions. The stylistic vision of Brummel is based on a clear concept, which implies design solutions that combine comfort and originality. The style of Brummel has a prominent unique features. This is the charm of elegant and harmonious classics, supplemented by modern accents…

Secrets of Excellence:

 Thanks to the ability to combine the traditions of Italian furniture production with sensual images, as well as innovative technology with quality materials, the company quickly achieved success. Its most important component was a thorough well-thought design that anticipated the requirements of customers, namely the maximum of innovation and comfort.

The combination of aesthetics and functionality allowed Brummel to awaken emotions and gain trust and appreciation on a constantly  developing national and international market. Beauty, elegance and quality of Made in Italy  products can melt the most indifferent hearts and win the trust of the most demanding customers. The most valuable species of wood are carefully selected to make an amazing combination with marble, granite, stone, metal or crystal of rare beauty.
Today, more than 30 years since its foundation, Brummel has been highly respected and trusted around the world.

 2017 trend: 

 EGO is a new collection by Brummel in the classical style, which is interpreted as elegant lightness and natural simplicity. At the same time – no excess of spirals, sculptures and heavy carvings in the rococo style. EGO is characterized by large columns, which end with a harmonious capital, stylized and covered with gold leaf, bas-relief, which is the distinctive symbol of the entire collection. You can choose any possible combination of wood, lacquer, stone, gold leaf, silver, copper, brass, smooth or processed leather and glass.

Red and white are:

 The combination of inner warmth and deep passion with purity and rigor of correct contours. Modernism and classics are woven together.

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