Affair of the Heart​

                                 Company’s mission: 

Our mission is to make unique doors that will be presented in the most stylish and tastefully furnished houses. We create unparallel and completely original product. All people are different, and the happiness of every single person is wonderfully special!

– Good afternoon, Claudio. How did the idea of your business appear? Why did you choose this direction? When did it happen?

– This idea originated in Attilio Bertolotto’s mind in 1988. Doors are a very important element of the interior. And besides functional purpose, they create a mood, an atmosphere of coziness, warmth, excite fantasy and give birth to dreams … And we decided to create such unique doors that would decorate stylish houses, decorated with love and taste. So, Crociera di Barge appeared AB (the original name of Bertolotto).


– How long have you been in the company?


– I joined the company in 1993, at that time I was 13 years old. Its establishment and development was happening just before my eyes.  Approximately at that time we had moved to Torre San Giorgio,

and our industrial area significantly expanded. The company went ahead with leaps and bounds: we were building up production, opening new stores. In 2015, the flagship store opened in Milan,

where today we hold presentations and master classes in our show room.


– What is the biggest achievement of Bertolotto Porte to date?


– Our greatest achievement is the pleasure of our customers. We are happy to fulfil their cherished wishes and realize their dreams …
But we believe that the greatest achievements are yet to come!

– Did you take part in International exhibitions?


– We took part in several international exhibitions in Italy and abroad, such as: Design Week in Milan, MADE expo, MADE WW in Moscow, The big 5 in Dubai and so on …
During this period, we received many awards, but the most important award is the gratitude of our customers.


– How would you define the mission of the company?


– Our mission is to make unique doors that will be presented in the most stylish and tastefully furnished houses. We create unparallel and completely original product. All people are different, and the happiness of every single person is wonderfully special!


– What is the difference  between  your company and your competitors? What provides a unique quality of your doors?


– Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we create the product which is perfect in all aspects. We will never compromise the quality of our product. In the production of doors, we use the most up-to-date and advanced technologies and high-quality ecological materials. And of course, the guarantee of our success is the artistry of manual work. Finishing of the doors is made manually.


– Who are your customers? Can you describe what your client looks like?


– Our clients are innovators, romantics, dreamers, brave souls who are not afraid to change and improve their lives.
They plan and visualize their homes, invest their soul, time and resources in it. And we participate in the embodiment of their ideas.

Bertolotto S.p.A. – is: 

Style of design:



Dance style:

ballet, swing,
and tango, of course


Period of time:







Ferrari: fast & red! 



diamond: we are multifaceted!



peace, happiness and harmony

Our clients inspire us to  improve the production process, improve our brand, create new working places. We believe that our doors will be in demand all over the world. Each of our creations is done for the individual order: it is designed to fit perfectly into our customers homes.

– Do you sell benefits or emotions?


– I think it can be easily understood by looking at our products … Each of our doors is worthy of attention, it carries energy of love, stability, reliability, gives birth to the most harmonious feelings and sensations.


– Please tell us a little about your team. Is it important for you that your employees share your values?


– “Are you satisfied with your work?” – this is the question that I all of my employees, almost every day. We have a family company, and each employee is a part of the family … Each of them is in the right placce and does their job, investing love and care. We are confident in our team, thanks to it we are able to undertake the most ambitious project.

– Who is responsible for creative ideas? Is it the result of a collective effort or creativity of one person?


– The creative process is very important for a company like Bertolotto. But this process always happens in different ways… Sometimes they are born in an employee’s head  while working on a particular model. Sometimes the client’s wishes inspire us to create something
special. And sometimes designers, sculptors and artists, who believe they can realize their ideas with us, come to us. So it was, for example, with the line of Casa Zen doors, designed by sculptor Elio Garis.
We are open to everything new!

                 “Tango is a spectacular example of harmony between two different people”


Claudio Bertolotto


– How do you understand harmony?

– We firmly believe that our products bring harmony to the houses, to the premises where they are installed. It is hard to explain…
Harmony is something that you don’t see or notice, but you are in that state.

– Where do you find inspiration for your projects?

– We get inspiration from our clients, actualizing it with the help of our designers and so on … Most of all we are inspired by the creation of nature ... We want to show all the most beautiful things on Earth. That’s why the collection is called “Nature” appeared.

– What music characterizes your design? What dance??

– We can create in any style of music and dance: ballet, swing, rock’n’roll … and tango, of course.

– What period of time?

– The future.

– What season?

– Spring!

– What car?”?

– Ferrari: fast and red!

– What jewel?

– Diamond: we are multifaceted!

– What feelings should Bertolotto design inspire, according to your conception?

– Peace, happiness and harmony.

– What are the features of the construction of doors?

– We have a lot of technical solutions. Some of our constructions are simple, other are very complex … Depending on the task we set for ourselves. But the simplicity or complexity of the construction is by no means the result of compromising the quality. All our solutions are functional, qualitative and optimal for each particular model..

– How do the details of your doors emphasize emotions?

– Details create differences, they can change people’s way of life.

– How is your production organized?

– We constantly combine manual work and technological process. This is the guarantee of our success.

– What is tango for you?

– A spectacular example of harmony between two different people.

– Your interests outside of work?

– I will answer with Confucius’s words:”Choose a job that you like, and you will not work a single day in your life.”

– What do you consider to be the greatest achievement of the company up to today?

– The biggest achievement is to be one of the most important players on the market and meet the needs of customers all over the world. At the moment  we can say that we are on the way to this goal. Our doors have become part of the interior of many famous and influential people in the world. We consider this our achievement.

– What are your plans for the nearest future? What are your dreams?

– At present we are working on expanding our production facilities and upgrading our offices. Our goal is to improve the capacity and flexibility of our production line and at the same time offer better conditions for our customers.
We dream of making people happier and more joyful. After all, doors, are like anyting else, more or less significant  details of the
interior, create a mood, form a style and way of life.

– What is your style? What keywords describe it best?

– The best word for describing our style is “eclecticism”. With our collection, we can match a diverse atmosphere of the interior design: our doors can fit in the villa of the XVI century, and in a modern loft in Brooklyn. Well of course, we can give personality traits to space.