Every great work of art should be considered like any work of nature. First of all from the point of view of its aesthetic reality and then not just from its development and the mastery of its creation but from the standpoint of what has moved and agitated its creator. 

                                                                                                                          Amedeo Modigliani

Faces of pictures

 It was the first exhibition of Uriah’s paintings. The first time her paintings were on display to the general public, and she couldn’t overcome the excitement. Being in the hall of the gallery, Uriah flinched at each sound of the doorbell. As she didn’t completely trust the praises of acquaintances, pronounced in her address, she furtively watched as visitors were moving from one painting to another, nodding their heads, exchanging remarks in low tones. “Do they understand my paintings? Was I able to convey everything that I was feeling, what I was thinking about for years? “- she kept asking questions.

Fascinated by a conversation with one of the critics, she did not notice that the gallery had new guests. And when she saw them, she couldn’t take her eyes off  of them. A young man and a girl held their hands. They smiled at each other, exchanged glances, touched their shoulders, whispered about something … They were surrounded by some special aura. With the urge of the artist Uriah caught that invisible cocoon, that enveloped them and separated from the rest of the world. They were in love and happy – she read the message, conveyed by their gestures, smiles, glances.
The couple began to study the gallery from the earliest picture of Uriah. A little girl in the garden in the middle of a pink flowerbed. She crouched down, and at once her pretty little face drowned in pink petals. Her nose stretches to the pink bud, her eyes are closed. The girl is serene and happily laughing. “You laugh in the same way!” the young man says to his girl. “Yes, but it’s because you’ve brought roses today and put them in the bedroom while I was sleeping!” A special warmth spread in Uriah’s heart  when she overheard these words.
At that time, someone came up to her, and the artist, carried away by the conversation, temporarily let the couple out of her sight. However, after a while her attention was attracted by sonorous and young laughter. She turned to it, already knowing which of her guests could laugh so happily. “Look, it’s you, when you make morning coffee!” The picture “Distraction” showed a young man, who looked at the window, and the coffee was already foaming and pouring over the edge of the coffeepot. Supporting the joke, the young man gave exactly the pose and silly face of the unlucky morning coffee lover. It was so funny that all the other visitors immediately smiled.
Uriah felt a slight uneasiness. The couple approached to her saddest work. The picture was painted after someone who was the closest person in her life died in a car accident. The car was bursting through the thunderstorm into the sky, its driver forever disappeared from the view. A petrified woman stood on the roadside and watched him go.

 Young people silently stopped at the picture, their hands tightened, the girl put her head on the lover’s shoulder.

“They’ll be all right! It’s bound to be good! thought Uriah. A new picture was already being created in her head – a guy and a girl, hugging in the crowds, surrounded by a bright cocoon of their love.