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Union of Maranello and Ferrari


The happinest days for little Enzo Ferrari were the days when his father took him  to the car races. The child’s dream of becoming a race car driver originated in the early years of Enzo’s heart,  determined to build his way to fame. After World War One, he worked as a test driver at CMN  company, then moved to a a promising new company Alfa Romeo in the city of Modena. Thrroughout all this time he was dreaming of creating his own racing team. So, the first Scuderia Ferrari  appeared in 1929, created by Enzo Ferrari in partnership with Alfa Romeo. And in 1939 Scuderia Ferrari, the most successful company in the history of racing, was created.
World War Two derailed Enzo’s plans for several years, howver in 1946 he created Auto Avio Costruzioni and moved the company’s headquarters from Modena to Maranello.
The population of Maranello was less than 20,000 people. Nevertheless, this small town entered world history as the birthplace of the most powerful racing cars in the world!
Today, the city practically lives and echoes the company and the brand. To express their love for the legendary automaker the citizens of Maranello even installed a massive statue of a galloping horse, the symbol of Ferrari.
The history of the Ferrari logo dates back to 1923. Young Enzo Ferrari, who was participating in car racing in Modena, met with the parents of Francesco Barakki, the ace of World War One, who had heroically died during an air battle.
The young man’s jet fighter was decorated with the image of a galloping horse. The mother of the pilot, Countess Barakki, proposed Enzo to use a rampant horse for the logo of his future company. “It will bring good luck!” she said. They say that Enzo Ferrari then kept a photo of that young pilot for many years.
Ferrari practically put Maranello on the world map, and today they go hand in hand. The birthplace of Ferrari acquired a cult status and became a living legend. Crowds of tourists are eager to visit the Ferrari Museum, called “Museo Ferrari”. It is open to the public on working days. Here you can admire the best tracks and racing creations of Ferrari, and buy various memorabilia. Everything reveals a strong conncetion between Maranello and Ferrari. The brand that brought glory to the city, and the city that became its thrust and support, surrounded with love and devotion.
Ferrari cars are unusual creations. It is known that the company has never invested money in advertisement of its vehicles. But each car is made with the highest waulity standards. Love and care are put into each of the cars. Ferrari cars are usually spoken of as living beings, each one habing its own character and personality.
Each child-the product of sweat and tears spilled by enthusiasts working at Ferrari, the fruit of love and passion. Each Ferrari model radiates enthusiasm and skill of designers, engineers and drivers.
Ferrari and Maranello are names that are spoken together, a well-coordinated duo, a single success story…