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Slow Food combines pleasure from food with responsibility, stability and harmony with nature.

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Hungarian cherry sauce in a pink night


Julia was last in Rimini when she was a child, when they had been travelling to San Marino with her mother. And now, when she got to La Notte Rosa festival with girls, blinking from the riot of pink around, she caught herself at trying to find familiar places, where they had been walking together.

Mother and daughter haven’t talked to each other for several years after a long-standing quarrel. Previously, it did not disappoint the girl. “We are too different! We have nothing to talk about! “- she thought. But today it’s like a lump in my throat.

Having left her friends, Julia went to the bridge of Tiberius. The late evening already spread over the coast. And although the pink sunset was already fading, everything around was bathing in pink. Pink t-shirts, shorts, swimsuits, ribbons, bandages, pink balloons and beach umbrellas. The lights were pouring pink light. It seemed that  music and light, streaming from everywhere, were pink too.

The bridge was not crowded. Julia stopped and, leaning on the railing, looked down at the river. Once they were standing together with her mother and looking down, just like now. They talked about something very important for a long, long time. And then they went to a cafe and ate ice-cream …
“Would you like ice cream?” – she suddenly heard a voice behind. Julia shuddered and turned around. A thin, black-haired boy was standing near her.

“You’ve been standing alone for an hour.” Are you very sad? There’s delicious ice cream here in the cafe: plombier with Hungarian cherry sauce. Let’s go!
Without waiting for an answer, the guy took Julia’s hand and led her to the cafe table. While they were waiting for their order, Julia found out that the guy’s name was Leon, he lived nearby and worked in a glass mosaic workshop. When they brought ice cream, the girl almost screamed with delight: a white ball of ice-cream was surrounded by ruby cherries in transparent syrup. She remembered, what a delightful sensation it was to split the white delicate part of the ice cream with a spoon and, together with cherry, send this red and white delicacy into her mouth.
Julia doesn’t remember which one of them first kissed the other. Maybe she did. Because it was a very natural continuation of their game. Julia and Leon, joking, scooping up a spoonful of ice-cream and cherries, took turns feeding each other. One spoon is one small story of each other’s life.
They were kissing in the cafe, kissing on the bridge of Tiberius and on the way to Leon’s house. Julia, who recently was amazed at such an abundance of pink, now found it quite natural, that couples were kissing in rosy light. The atmosphere of love was floating in the air.
The next morning, Julia and her friends went to the airport, where Julia was in for a surprise. Leon came to accompany her with a bouquet of scarlet roses, with envelope in it. “It’s a surprise! Now you have something to share with your mother! “- the young man mysteriously announced.
On the plane Julia unfolded the note and read with a smile:

               Hungarian cherry sauce:

                500 g of cherry
                1 vanilla pod
                3 tablespoons of sugar
                1 stick of cinnamon
               1 cup of white wine
               1 lemon
               1 orange

Wash cherries, put them in a saucepan, add sugar, white wine and water. Cherries should be filled to the brim. Add orange peel, juice and lemon peel, cinnamon and vanilla.
Cook for about ten minutes, then remove the cherries. Strain the sauce and allow it to cool in the refrigerator. Cherries should be covered with grated almonds and poured with chilled sauce. Serve with ice cream!