You can’t cry on a diamond’s shoulder, diamonds won’t warm you  at night, but they are certainly so amusing at the shining sun.

                                                                                                                                                      Elizabeth Taylor

Diamonds Forever

Diamonds are foreverl. But not only because these precious stones are beyond reach of time. The secret of their immortality is also in family traditions and stories, that are carefully transferred from generation to generation. Until the end of their days, their owners keep in memory those precious moments of life, connected  with the acquisition of a diamond.
However, the diamond was not always as popular as it s today. If you look at the canvases of artists, the crowns of kings and queens were decorated with colored gems, such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Cleopatra was known for her love of pearls. The ring of Princess Diana was adorned with a magnificent blue sapphire, now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge.
Recently, the popularity of diamonds has increased significantly, and women proudly emphasize their family status, wearing an engagement ring decorated with a sparkling gemstone. Adjusting hair with an occasional gesture, they delight everyone not only with the happy glitter of their eyes, but with the radiance that pours from the ring on the ring finger. Wedding rings, necklaces, earrings, studs and cufflinks – today the diamond has gained a strong position in the world of high fashion.
Diamonds come in a variety of colors and shapes, differ in size and quality. The carbon composition of each stone is unique. Large diamonds have their names – the Pink Star, the Pink Clark, the Sun Drop, the Archduke Joseph, Wittelsbach Graff … Their fates, often encrusted with secrets and intrigues, can be traced throughout ages. Books and films are devoted to such stones. There are rumors and legends about them. They become the main lots of the famous auctions of Sotheby’s and Christie’s, the property of famous collectors and large museums.
Today, high-quality diamonds have become available to a wide range of customers. And this does not detract from their value, but on the contrary, only gives them additional popularity. After all, together with the precious stone, family values  like love, fidelity, harmony are transferred from generation to generation in each family.
In the center of each such story, along with passion, romance and overcomed difficulties, is a precious stone, unique, like the story of every person and every family.
“A diamond is forever”, the slogan invented by De Beers back in 1947, is still relevant. Unlike real estate, cars, other luxury goods, the diamond is not subject to destruction.
However, as an object of investment, experts recommend considering only stones of the highest possible characteristics. The weight of such a stone should be at least 5 carats, the color should vary from D to G according to GIA classification, and the purity should be from IF lp VS1. The cut must be very good or exellent. And also, the stone should not show  fluorescence. Such a stone will help to survive during a time of money crisis and become insurance for a “rainy day”.
There are a lot of stories about immigrants who could start a new life in another country, because they managed to smuggle in several stones.
Diamonds will never become old-fashioned. In contrast, for example, from a wedding dress, the ring can always be remade into something more modern. And if the daughter isn’t going to walk down the aisle in  her mother’s dress, she’ll wear the new wedding ring with her mother’s diamond with pleasure, until she hands it down to her children.
If your family does not yet have such a relic and tradition, why not start it now? There is an opinion that the cost of an engagement ring should be three monthly salaries of the fiance. However, when it comes to diamonds, this approach is fundamentally wrong. The main thing is that the ring should be chosen with love, because this is the beginning of the age-old tradition of the family! There are many features that should be considered when choosing a diamond. First of all, these are the famous four C: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Size.


The most expensive are clear diamonds, without hints of white or gray. However, colored diamonds (pink, blue) – are also very rare and are very popular among connoisseurs. However, a transparent diamond with a yellowish or grayish hue also has its charm – this shade gives the stone a special sheen.


As for transparency, each diamond has inclusions – a kind of its own unique “fingerprint”. It will help to distinguish your diamond from all other diamonds in the world. The smaller the inclusions, the more qualitative the diamond is. However, any expert judgment is subjective. It’s just a competent opinion. Consult with an expert, but choose the one that you will find surprisingly beautiful.

Carat Size

Carat size is one of those characteristics that people pay the most attention to. And this is natural. After all, the first thing that can be determined with the naked eye is how great the diamond is.


Cutting is the result of a jeweler’s masterwork, the transformation of a raw stone into a diamond. There are various forms of cut: round and fancy (marquise, pear, oval, princess, emerald, asher, etc.). However, in addition to shape, it is very important to cut the diamond right in order to maximize its value and give it the necessary brilliance.
If the diamond is badly cut, it will not shine brightly enough and may even seem smaller than its actual size.

We are sure that by choosing your diamond, your family relic and your talisman, you will carefully study all its characteristics. And then you will tell your children and grandchildren with pride how much you worked, how much strength, love, patience and desire you put in this diamond to  shine along with the history of your family.

Esther W., gemologist

How beautiful they are together!

Adam had known Emmy for six months already. Only six months – mother shook her head when her son announced his intention to ask her to marry him. He would have been surprised if he had been told six months ago that he would marry soon… even the most beautiful girl in the world!
But Emmy stole his heart from the first meeting. As soon as she entered the negotiation room, where their companies were making the first deal, he couldn’t look away from the red-haired blue-eyed girl in the scarlet dress. And when she spoke, he already knew that this voice would sound in his heart all his life.
Emmy came to him during the break and invited for lunch. The girl brought her own world down on him from the first minute of their conversation: her favorite films and books, her impressions from the recent Pacific cruise, her childhood memories. 
Emmy enchanted, won, filled his day, then the evening and then – six amazing months. Emmy the warrior, Emmy the conqueror, fiery Emmy, enchanting Emmy …
Emmy seemed to bring a red color into Adam’s life. Scarlet silk curtains and sofa pillows appeared in his room. Scarlet shoes, Emmy’s handbag glittered in his hallway like sparks, lit by a lamp at the entrance. Scarlet negligee, scarlet lace … It was as if tongues of wondrous flame caught fire in the black and white space of his bachelor dwelling and transformed it.
Surrendering to the power of red, on the decisive evening Adam bought red champagne, strawberry ice cream, red caviar. Scarlet long stem roses poured a charming aroma from his favorite crystal vase.
And the most important thing  was the engagement ring. Adam remembers  well, how before going to the jewelry store he examined diamonds in the internet for a long time. He wanted to choose a round stone with classic cut. The same as his father once gave to her mother.
But, faced the windows with gemstones, he realized that he was attracted by the mysterious and deep shining of rubies. “This is her color!” – it struck him. The color of confidence and strength, deep passion, loyalty and love. And, surprisingly for himself, he chose a ring with an oval ruby, surrounded by small diamonds. “Ruby is she, my heart and my life, and diamonds are my fidelity and love! How good they are together! “
“How good they are together!” – the first thing Emmy said when in the evening the time had come to open the beautiful little box.