Lines on the sand … They are best obtained from the wind, which flew out of nowhere and is heading to nowhere.
Elio Garis

In 1988, in Italy, at the birthplace of fine arts and brilliant ideas, Attilio Bertolotto had a beautiful idea – to produce unique doors.
Since then each new collection is a special world, with its philosophy, style, atmosphere and mood.

                                                                                                         Casa Zen

The collection of doors Casa Zen was born as a result of collaboration with the Italian sculptor Elio Garis.

From the very beginning of his creative career (1970s) Elio Garis boldly experimented with various materials: glass, sand, metal, etc. The artist cooperated with art galleries, such as Piero Passet Gallery (London) and Martini Arte Internazionale (Turin), as well as with workshops, the creators of furniture and interior designs. Such Italian companies,  as Bonansea, Barel, Bertolotto Porte are among them.

In 2008, the artist created a unique collection of doors for Bertolotto Porte. Each model of the collection is a picture of sand and melted glass in a wooden frame. The paintings reproduce the landscapes of the famous Japanese stone gardens – places for secluded rest, relaxation and meditation. Smoothness, beauty, nature and simplicity of the lines are presented in fashionable shades of colors – blue, brown, red, green, white. These doors open the way to contemplation and relaxation and at the same time they are modern and elegant, easily combined with other styles of the interior..