Virtue is a habit of the mind, harmony with nature, moderation and reason.                                                                                                                            Marcus Tullius Cicero

Miracle of Nature


We are part of nature, part of its magic and splendor. This is a  miracle, born millions of years ago on our planet, the fruit of  great creation.
Considering it natural and self-proclaiming, we inhale the enchanting aroma of steppe grasses and forest firs, splash in the waves of the ocean, climb the mountain peaks, harvest marvelous fruit. Even though our Earth is the only place in the cold and soulless space of the Universe, where this miracle is possible.
Nature is permeated with love and wisdom of the Creator. Any of his creations on Earth are the embodiment of harmony and perfection. Any natural phenomenon is full of deep meaning. The seed thrown into the ground, drenched with rain, sprouts and grows green, swimming in the sunlight. The leaves of the grown plant fill the air with oxygen. And we can enjoy every breath and exhalation. Sitting in an office or driving a car, talking to friends at a party, cooking dinner in the kitchen, we do not notice that at that time we take a breath in and exhale, breath in and exhale. And it’s so simple that we do not even suspect that breathing is the most important thing that happens every moment of our lives, supports our strength and health.
It does not stop us to be more attentive to ourselves as creations of nature. And to the nature that is around us. Here is a drop of dew, glittering in the sun’s rays, like an emerald. The stars lead the migrating birds to the south. The butterfly collects the pollen and transfers it to another flower and thereby in time will give life to a new plant. Nature is a constant movement, an eternal renewal, which gives life and love. Every creature, every phenomenon is inimitable and unique. Let’s live our life as special and connected with strong bonds with all the surrounding nature on Earth!