Affair of the Heart​

                                Company’s mission: 

We furnish the most beautiful houses of the world, following the highest customers’ requires and using the best materials and production techniques.

giorgio piccol

– Good afternoon, Roberto. Please tell us about the history of your company.


–  The company was founded in 1966 by the  Martini family in Bovolone, a small town very close to the most known and beautiful city of Verona. I the district of the artistic classic  furniture of Italy. In the beginning the company was producing classic pieces of furniture.

From the production of pieces, the company began to make custom and on measure furniture and kitchens,  uring time the company evolved in the great artisanal company it is now, increasing the range of products and setting the factory to produce every composition one by one, completely custom.

Also, Martini Mobili manages the technical project and realization of the custom interiors of the most beautiful houses in the world.

How would you form the mission of your company in just a few words?

– We furnish the most beautiful houses of the world, following the highest customers’ requires and using the best materials and production techniques.

 – How is your company different from its’ competitors? What is the unique quality?

Martini is unique as it is the biggest factory of Italy producing and purchasing custom classic high value furnishings and kitchens. It means great quality, speed in replies and post sale service.

– How is your manufacturing process organized? How do you reach the top quality of product? Do you use any unique technology or materials?

–  The production is the most important part of Martini as it is the place where it all began.

The process is the “isle of work” that guarantees a full control of every single part. It follows the following steps:

1. project and shop drawings.

2. cut and preparation of the pieces

3. Pre assembling of the rough pieces

4. Finishing

5. Hardware and packing

Since all these phases are made internally, the quality is controlled on every step.

The use of precious wood only and hi level hardware, makes the difference in style and quality.



– Do you use any ecologically friendly materials in the manufacturing process of your furniture?

– Martini Mobili’s furniture are ecological for their essence. All the wood used comes from controlled forest, where three trees are planted when one is taken down. Glue is just a few, since much is fixed together by wooden joins. Moreover, quality products last much more and can be used in different houses thru life.

– What are the hardships that you face at work? What would you like to improve on?

– The hardest part of my work is about the discussion with the people that are focused only on price. Qualitative service and beauty require time, passion and precision.

– Please describe your customer. How do you see them?

– Martini Mobili customers are those who don’t accept compromise and want simply the best product to live in ant to show.

– What can your customer expect from your furniture?

– He can expect his dream come true, and sometimes even exceeded.

– Do you have any famous or recognizable customers? Can you name any of them? Is it possible for our team to contact them to conduct an interview about the interior of their house?

Martini Mobili Srl: 



walzer, classic and classy



Classic music





Time of year:

Classic is forever 



A pasta with tomato. Never out of trends






Diamonds, they are forever.

– Our clients are usually very rich and powerful, so we are absolutely obliged to maintain their privacy. I only can say that many important architects use us for their projects..

– Please tell us about the trend of classical design.

–  A modern person chooses the classic atmosphere because it is everlasting, because it infuses warm safety and it is able to give a touch of elegance to every room.

Martini has done of the classic style his choice for a long time, because the Company wants to pursue the history of the territory in which it was born and because believes that the strength of the wood and the elegance of the classical environment are insuperable.

The role of the materials is fundamental. The classic interior design imposes only noble materials as wood and handicraft workmanships that put in prominence all its qualities, the veins, the tones. The modern product usually derives from industrial workmanships that allow to get great quantities in more rapid times.

The colors associated with classic interiors are usually those that allow to underline the characteristics of the wood: natural or lacquered finishes that they underline the vibrations of it, gold or silver leaf on carving elements and cornices.

The accessories, above all if technologically advanced, are a plus that allows to make the classical furnishings more functional and interesting.

think it can be easily understood by looking at our products … Each of our doors is worthy of attention, it carries energy of love, stability, reliability, gives birth to the most harmonious feelings and sensations.

– What dance would you partner the style with? Or compare to?

– Probably the right dance would be a walzer, classic and classy.

– With what music?

– Classic music

– With what play?

– Chess

– With what time of year?

– Classic is forever

– With what dish?

– A pasta with tomato. Never out of trends

– With what car?

– Rolls-royce

– With what gemstone?

 – Diamonds, they are forever.

– What does tango mean to you?

– Tango is the love applied to dance.

– Trends in your company in classical style for the years of 2018-2019

Do you use any trends that you find n fashion, luxury goods, art, that you associate with your products. If so, please describe.


– The inspiration of our products come directly from the market. The architects give us their ideas and we develop them with our expertise.

Now we are working on the use of several materials like metals, leather and glass.

“Tango is the love applied to dance”

                                                                       – Roberto Guiotto

– Please tell us about the designers that you work with? Why did you choose them (please submit their picture and which products or lines they specifically have worked on)

– The designer team we work with is the same since the beginning. It is ARBET design, from Florence. They are the best product designer of Italy in classic, simple.

– Please describe your team. What do you look for in people who work in your company?

– The people working with me must be very patient, as I always want their best, or something more. My team is made of motivated people. With motivation you can learn and apply everything.

– What are your plans for the near future? What are your dreams?

– We are now opening our first brand showroom in a villa of 1700 in Verona IT, where you are all invited. My dream is to have many architects coming there.