Let Bygones be Bygones!

(Taking to the Bob Dylan”s song “SHE FAKES JUST LIKE A WOMAN”

   this poem talks of a woman, who, broken in love, takes to the road of art and makes a career of loneliness.)

Wake up and see I am leaving!

Oh let it be let it be let it be

I will go

And behind me

You can wake up whenever you want

And see, if you want

I was there, once when I loved you

And now I am gone

Still with a heart

Stifling as hard

As when I first saw you,

Staying up late nights

Watching me asleep

Let it be let it be let it be


I am gone but not without a thought

I am not the one who chases the same, once lost

I am slow and weak, I am told

But I know this as I know my own heartbeat

When I leave autumn for the springs ahead

Oh I never turn around to question the philosophy


“Can it go back, dear love, to how it used to be?”


Let it be let it be let it be


Oh, the drugs I sniff on to forgo the pain!

Oh the breathlessness I feel when there is nobody

To hold and kiss and speak with me!

Oh the blankness drawing around me

When the faces I look at have nothing but only pity,

Mocking me in my own heart borne grief!!

Let it be let it be let it be


But Fear not my love

For I am of the ages of the empires

Where kings killed Kings for mere pennies

And therefore, though the pain is excruciating

And my nerves are rising above my bodily territories,

Yet, I will survive this heart that you have broken in twine


And will survive the pain that you have etched

Somewhere profoundly deep within me

Will even earn a little from my stories

That will glorify how you betrayed a heart

Of a woman who had nothing but only love to give.

Let it be let it be let it be


Then there I will find a face, young and pretty

Looking at me from a distance, from behind an old tapestry

Amusing my silly heart, still alive with pain

With their different and provocative eye rolling mysteries

And there in the heat and the dark and the sweat rolling from my tees

I will, once again, think of you and breaking

And of this complete stranger and his perfect love making

Let it be let it be let it be