I raced ahead hastily with the horse, I had to show her how it’s done. She laughed heartily as we dashed on. Princess Catherine was as beautiful as an angel, and for the first time in a long time, my father the king, did something worthwhile by fostering our engagement.

“Aarghh!! Save me, my prince” I heard suddenly.

The sight was horrific, the earth had actually opened its mouth and Princess Catherine was sinking.

“No!” I shouted as I raced back to where she was, as fast as I could.

“Prince Harry, Save me!” She shouted again, faintly.

My heart torn as I raced on, the horse seemed to have ran sluggishly, I kicked and jerked it, but I was still faraway. I descended the horse in a rather swift manner, scampered towards her, with all the strength left in me. If only I could get to her hand, if only I could sink with her, she had to be safe. I was almost there, tears flowed down my eyes as I drew closer, I could do it. I dived forward to grab a hold of her but my hand only touched the tip of her fingers before she disappeared.

She was gone, Princess Catherine was really gone. I laid on the ground, tried to phantom what had happened. I looked around, there was no one to call. All was silent, only the birds chirped as they flew off trees.

“No!” I roared again.

Hours passed while I wept sore, damping the earth beneath in the process. I had to get her back, I had to rise to my feet. I rose to my feet only to catch sight of her bracelet. I picked it up, but it had a strange mark, it was unlike anything I had seen. I had to get to Edinburg. I had to find my bride. I had to be rational.

I rode through the tunneled gate to the city, and straight to the castle.

“My Prince, how about the Princess Catherina?” the Chief Butler asked.

I couldn’t bear a look at him, I had to find a solution. I stormed to the court magician’s quarters.

“This is a zodiac sign which the spirit Apocreus left whenever it wanted the epitome Jade from someone” the magician explained, after I showed him the sign on the bracelet.

“The Epitome Jade? Where do I find that?”

“It’s same as though it is located in hell. The torment on the way is unbearable, and no one had succeeded in removing the stone from its seat. They all died, who tried”

I wasn’t going to back down, even if it means dying while trying to save my love.

The words of the magician played through my head as I continued in my three moons journey to the east. “Your love will be tested with death”. The journey was tumultuous over the seas, still, I had to find a way.

The city of Burma was full of color and life as I had heard of it, and locating the cave where the ‘Jade of Death’ as the locals called it, took no time. I put on my brazen helmet, holding my golden sword up high as I marched on. The cave was as creepy as it could get. Rats plunged out of holes as I drew nearer to the green light that shone at the end of the tunnel.

The room roared with a voice as I got closer.

“Who art thou, that trespasseth?”

“I am Prince Harry of Edinburg, and I have come to save my love”

“Why cometh thou here to look for thy love?”

“Gaius, the court magician said here laid my answer”

“thou knowest that no one ever moveth the stone”

“Yes, I do know, but, nothing you do or say, will stop me. I will try till I take my final breath”

The voice chuckled sinisterly, and it irked me the more. I peered around, trying to find who spoke to me. Another voice spoke,

“There is only a key to removing the stone. Jade stands for purity and sincerity. If only you survive the taste of death, will the stone be yours”

I was ready to face anything. I had faced death annually at wars, and survived. The pain I might experience wouldn’t compare to that at the valley of Galapagos.

I moved closer to the Jade, its green aura glimmered in the little ray of light that penetrated through cracks.

Suddenly, my chest burped forward, I felt sharp pain. My stomach lurched and pain surged through my veins. My inside was being torn apart. I threw a slap at my armor as I fell to my knee. My armor tore open, the pain persisted.

The voice laughed again. “You will never survive this. You will only survive if your love is sincere and pure. A rib will be removed from you, and you will die!”

I stared up at the wall, my eyes blood shot. I felt my flesh tearing apart, my ribs creaking as the mid rib was being plugged out of its socket. Immense pain surged through my body, as I cower in pain on the floor. It was the end. I was finally dying for love. The rib pierced my skin and out it came. No one pulled at it, it came out on its own volition. Blood dripped down my chest as I groaned in pain. It was unbearable, my life was leaving me. I could feel my spirit vanish. But, I couldn’t give up, Princess Catherina’s life was on the line. Is my love not pure, why am I not surviving this?

With the last strength in me, I walked towards the jade, even as my heart tore apart. I placed both hands on the jade, and in a single move, it escaped the stone it had been for 3000 years. But, it was the end, I couldn’t take it anymore. “My love is gone” I thought as nothing happened. I collapsed to the floor, death came. It was the end.

“Wake up, my Prince” I heard. It was really my Princess Catherina. My love is indeed pure and sincere, and it overcame death.

February is the shortest month of the year, but it is full of love, color and history. We celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th, to shower those we love with gifts and attention. February’s birthstone is Amethyst, a beautiful purple stone that has been admired for generations. All over the world, this stone is worn and appreciated not only for its luster, but for its history and in some cases its healing powers.

The stone gets its name from ancient Greek. In ancient Greek, the word “amethustos” is translated to sober. It is believed that if one wears an amethyst while drinking, the stone will prevent them from getting a hangover or excessively drunk. It will help keep a clear mind, while enjoying drinking alcohol. Furthermore, in ancient Egypt, the stone’s zodiac symbol was a goat, which was considered to be the enemy of vines, making the stone be the cure or the antidote for wine. Good thing to know for next time you decide to indulge in an adult beverage.

Since we started talking about Valentine’s Day, it might be of some interest to mention that there’s a legend saying that Saint Valentine used to wear a ring with an image of himself carved out of an Amethyst. Was he in love with himself or the ring, or maybe both?

Amethyst is the stone of the sixth wedding anniversary, so if that’s the one that is coming up, now you know what you need to get!

In myths, legends and stories throughout history, there’s nothing but positive outcomes that come out of having an amethyst near. Not only is it said to control evil thoughts and help soldiers in battle, if the crystal is properly placed in the household or business, it may bring wealth and help improve business prospects, by guiding businessman and businesswoman towards profitable decisions.

Spiritually the stone can also do wonders. It helps with finding internal balance, which in turn brings on calmness and clear-mind. This helps a person look into this world with a more positive outlook, happiness, be more confident and self-assure, which again helps them make correct and better overall decisions.

Amethyst is cleansing, both physically and psychologically. It promotes internal balance and harmony and brings stability to the individual. Amethysts are capable of raising ones spirits, promoting self assurance and confidence. They brighten the outlook on life and enhance the sense of humor. The virtues of amethyst include beauty, calm, fulfillment, humility, a loving demeanor, perfection, piety, sincerity, spiritual balance, tranquility and wisdom. Amethyst is often worn during contemplation or placed on simple meditation altars. It is worn during psychic acts and since it is a stone of wisdom, it allows the information received through the psychic mind to be appropriately utilized. The stone also helps sharpen the conscious mind and enhances the mental powers. It is used to improve memory and keeps thoughts in line with life goals. It is a stone of pure, true, emotional love. It is often exchanged between two lovers to strengthen their commitment. It is also one of the few stones specifically prescribed for men to use for attracting women. It supposedly draws “good women” to love him. The stone is also used by those involved in lawsuits to ensure that right is done. It has been long thought to bring success to businesses.